Hello my beauties

I’m finally doing a review on a product that is long overdue and it’s the L.A Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss. I’m huge fan of matte lipsticks/gloss you name it, and when L.A Girl came out with these matte glosses I immediately went and bought one try, and I fell in love.

Last night I bought another two from Dischem to join the lonely one at home (lol). My boyfriend is the best person to go makeup shopping with because when I’m struggling to make decisions on what product to choose or which colour to go with, he ends up deciding and selects the perfect one for me. He’s just perfect and great to shopping with (lol), but anyhow back to these amazing matte glosses.


The packaging is huge but it’s also very cute, it comes with a doe foot applicator and it comes in 16 gorgeous shades for you to choose from. This matte gloss is very pigmented, its dries very quickly and once it’s on your lips it kind of feels sticky, but it’s not an annoying kind of sticky. This smell of this matte gloss smells like paint however, you don’t smell it once it’s on your lips. This product claims to be long-lasting and it does actually last very long, however it can wear off after a couple of hours. There is one thing that I do not like about this product and it’s trying to remove this gloss, and omg what a pain! Not even my makeup remover works, but I found that coconut oil removes it easily without any hassles.

Overall I like it because I’m obsessed with matte lip products (lol) and because I think it’s an awesome lip gloss, I love the colours, it last long and I’m crazy about L.A Girl. For me, these matte glosses are an 8/10 and I will always recommend L.A. Girl to anyone so get out there and get yourself some of these gorgeous matte glosses. You won’t be disappointed!




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