Lately I’ve been become so lazy that I don’t even feel like putting on makeup anymore, I’m just relaxing on the couch in my sweat pants and a bare clean face lol. However, wearing no makeup has got me thinking about natural beauty and how woman just don’t feel comfortable enough to leave their homes or even take a picture without makeup.

The world has really put a lot of pressure on woman these days to always look good and to make sure our makeup is done to perfection. It’s ridiculous how you get judge and criticized based how your makeup is done, but what is shocking to me is when I go to a mall without makeup and I go into the cosmetic section, the sales consultants won’t look twice at you, great you or help you compared to when I’m wearing a full face of makeup. It’s disgusting how people treat you when you not wearing any makeup! Because when I am wearing makeup, you get greeted, everyone wants to help you and people are nice to you. People just do not have an appreciation for natural beauty anymore and it’s actually sad because it makes woman feel insecure, and us woman are suppose to embrace our natural beauty with flaws and all. I love wearing makeup and I don’t wear it to impress people or to look pretty, I do it because I enjoy the process of putting it on and I do it for myself. However, whenever I get a chance not to wear any makeup I take it, because it allows my skin to breathe and I even go shopping without any makeup on. Some people will say I look sick, pale or tired without makeup, but I don’t care because I feel good about myself with or without makeup.

I’m not saying don’t wear makeup because I’m all for wearing makeup and I love it! What I’m trying to say is that us as woman should have an appreciation for the clean bare face look, and not feel pressured by the world to look perfect. So ladies let’s embrace our natural beauty with flaws and all!!



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