Lately I’ve been all about nude makeup and I’m obsessed with nude lipsticks, I prefer matte lipsticks over gloss. I’m also very much into dark and bold colours, come to think about it I haven’t worn any dark or bold colours lately, I was strictly nude.

In today’s post I’m just going to talk to you about my current favourite nude eyeshadow, lipstick, lip liner and nail polish.


This is by far my favourite eyeshadow palette. I love the brand which, is L.A Girl Cosmetics they are amazing! Their products are extremely impressive, good quality and super affordable. This palette has stunning rosy-toned neutrals, it has 9 shimmer shades and 3 matte shades, it comes with a brush and it has a mirror. I’ve been using this palette alot however, I do advise you use a base before applying the eyeshadow so that it last much longer.



Now here are 3 of the lipsticks I’m currently making use of alot lately, and they are: (1) Estee Lauder – Pink Berry, (2) Sarie – Neutbruin (3) Essence – Barely There. Now out of all 3, I prefer the Essence one because it glides onto my lips so smoothly, it last extremely long even when I’m eating and drinking it’s still there and lastly it doesn’t dry out my lips. However, all these colours are gorgeous, but Estee Lauder and Sarie dries out my lips and I can’t handle the scent of the Estee Lauder lipstick, so what I would do is add a gloss over it that way it doesn’t dry out my lips and it gets rid of the smell.



The lip Liner is from Sisley and it’s very expensive, you can buy a box of Essence Cosmetics gorgeous lip liners for the price of one Sisley pencil. This pencil comes with a brush applicator, it glides on easily and it’s very creamy which I love however, I still prefer the Essence  lip liners because the cheap (lol)


Nail Polish:

These two colours I absolute adore! However, both of them do not last very long because they always crack within days, and then I have to do touch ups. Despite the fact that they don’t last very long, I still love them and make use of them all the time.


Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed the post.

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