I have an insane obsession with L.A Girl Cosmetics, I really love that they have good quality makeup at an affordable price for everyone.

Last year winter I bought one of their blush collection, which comes with 2 blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter. There are 4 different palettes and the one I wanted is always sold out so I grabbed the palette “PINKY”. I only started using this palette in December last year because I’m the type of person who buys makeup, but does not want to open it because I need it to just stand there look pretty while I admire it (lol).

About the palette:

It contains four gorgeous blush palettes – each collection pairs two blush shades with a coordinated bronzer and highlighter. Instantly contour with complimentary shades and blendable color in both matte and shimmery finishes for multidimensional color. Each luxurious, glossy book includes a mirror inside.

What I Think:

After I bought this palette I was like omg these blushes are way too bright for me, but it turns out I was wrong. I personally think that everyone can use it, you just have to be careful when applying the blush. In the palette, there’s a very bright matte pink, a medium pink, a light brown bronzer and shimmy silver highlighter.  This palette is very pigmented and the formula is very powdery so it tends to make a mess on the palette, therefore, I advise knocking off the excess on your brush before applying to you face. Overall this palette is amazing and a must have, however, if you think “Pinky” is too bright for you, there are 3 other gorgeous palettes you can choose from.


Where to Purchase: Dischem


Price: Just under R100.


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