I have this crazy obsession with collecting palettes and letting them stand on my dresser for a while before opening them up (lol). They just so cute and I don’t want to mess them up but unfortunately I have to make use of them 🙂

My boyfriend was sweet enough to purchase this gorgeous palette for me but the only reason he bought this palette was because, I couldn’t make up my mind on whether I wanted it or not. All he wanted was to get out of the store (men, lol). This palette he bought a Dischem, Canal Walk, for only R79.95. The palette contains 6 face powders, 2 highlighter and 2 bronzers and it’s from the brand Beauty Treats. This is my first product from this brand and honestly, this contour palette is pretty good.

These shades are very pigmented so please knock off any excess on your brush before applying to your face. These powders  blend easily and you can even use them as eyeshadow (which I do at times). I like this palette because it’s super cheap, good quality and it does the job. Beauty Treats also has a blush palette, concealer palette and bronzer palette for the same price, I’m hoping to get my hands on the blush palette. Overall I think it’s worth purchasing and if you looking for one that’s affordable and works well then definitely purchase this one. You won’t be disappointed.


Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 .



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