Epilating is an amazing way to shave but not shave, it’s a great alternative to shaving.

Now that Spring is finally here and Summer just around the corner, it’s time for our legs to stop hibernating and we all know what that means..it’s time to shave those hairy legs (lol).



About a year ago I heard my friend constantly talking about epilating her legs an underarms and how soft and smooth it made her skin. After I heard this, I was so intrigued because I’m one of those people who has problems when it comes to shaving my underarm and I hate taking a razor to my skin, because after a while it makes your underarm dark or there’s stubble so I’d rather wax and we all know just how painful waxing can be.

I finally decided that an epilator is something I would like to try since my friend can’t stop raving about it. I went to clicks in canal walk and they had a variety of epilators which made it difficult for me to choose one, but luckily for me I had my better half with me so he could help me make up my mind. I decided to go with the Veet Ultimate Bikini Epilator, this is an electrical hair removal device consisting of multiple spinning tweezers. This device pulls the hair out from the root and you can use it on your bikini line, legs, arms, underarm and even for facial hair.

The first time I used the epilator it hurt like hell! But once you get use to it, it doesn’t hurt that much anymore (if you ever get use to the pain lol). The epilator reduces hair growth and it leaves your skin soft and smooth for long (up to 6 weeks). I’m currently only using it on my underarms, legs and upper lip and so far I love it and it works for me. I’m currently thinking of investing in another epilator, something bigger with more tweezers but hopefully one that’s not so painful. This particular epilator only cost R250.00 at clicks and it’s the Veet Ultimate Bikini Epilator but there are others that are more pricey.



Left: Changeable heads. Right: Epilator with charger

What you need to know before epilating:

  • Firstly it hurts like hell the first time you epilate but once you get use to it, it doesn’t hurt as much and if you have done waxing before then it probably won’t hurt as bad.  I suggest that you take a tweezer and just pluck around the areas you plan to epilator just to get use to the feeling, but remember that with a tweezer you can control the hairs you pulling out as where the epilator pulls out multiple hairs all at once.
  • Before epilating take a nice hot bath/shower and exfoliate the areas you want to epilate so that it can prevent ingrown hairs.
  •  Before epilating use a pre-epilating spray to help make epilating more comfortable. If you do not have an epilating spray you can always pat a little baby powder to the area you epilating, it works just as well

So if you’re tired of shaving, tired of wasting money on waxing and don’t mind a little pain to get rid of unwanted hairs, I suggest that you invest in an epilator. Trust me you won’t be sorry 🙂

Available: Clicks & Dischem Nation Wide


From left back: Charger, epilating spray, epilator. From from front left: Epilating heads, cleaning brush.



Free travelling bag

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂







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