Now that’s Spring is here and Summer just around the corner, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite nail colours for this season.

Now I’m more for nudes and deep rich colours because I feel it compliments my skin tone more, but  every now and them, especially summer time I like to go bold.


These are my must have colours:


Essie is one of the greatest, they have a huge variety of nail colours . Their nail colours always apply very smoothly however, the downfall with Essie is that they don’t last very long, so within 3 days you can expect them to start cracking.


From the left: Mint Candy, Watermelon, BBF Best Boyfriend & Cute as a Button


I absolutely love this colour! It’s called Berry Special, it’s a pastel purple shade and would go well with any skin tone.  This colour you can worn all year round, it’s not too dark or too bright, it’s the perfect shade of purple. It reminds me of candy lol.


Berry Special

Mr Price Cosmetics:

I came across this nail colour in the accessories department in Mr Price, and I’m a sucker for teal nail colours so I had to take it. It’s a great colour however, you need to apply atleast four coats to actually get it all smooth and even, otherwise it would just be patchy. This nail colour does last quiet long, like a week and a few days without cracking but it all depends on how often you work with water.




Now this colour last 2 weeks without cracking and I’m sure it would last even longer if I wasn’t always working with water lol. You only need to apply one coat, it dries super fast and the formula is so smooth. I absolutely love this nail colour.


Doir Wonderland 575


Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post.



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