Catrice 3D Lash Multimizer Mascara comes in two different version, ultra black and waterproof. I personally hate waterproof mascara because it’s an absolute struggle to remove, therefore I stay far away from waterproof mascara. The Catrice brand is one of my top favourite makeup brands, I own alot of their products,  and I love that they are super affordable and they give you good quality products. Value for money. If you looking to purchase quality makeup without spending too much, then checkout this brand.

The Catrice 3D Lash Multimizer Ultra Black comes in a black and silver packaging, it has a medium size silicone wand which I love, because those thick ones are not really user-friendly. The formula of this mascara is very wet, it applies easily without any clumps however, it does give off a lot of product. What I really love about this product is that I can actually see the difference, it doesn’t lengthen my lashes but it does add volume, and makes it super black, making your lashes stand out, which is what I love. I have also had  quite a few people ask me what brand of mascara I use,  which I must admit made me feel special because they actually notice my lashes. Since then I knew that this was going to be my go to mascara.


I’ve tried various mascara’s and out of all of them there are only a handful of them that I love, however this particular mascara has now become my favourite! I hate wasting money on mascara that proclaim to do a,b & c to your lashes but doesn’t do shit at all, even if you apply 110 coats, your lashes just ends up looking thick and clumpy. Whereas this Catrice 3D Lash Multimizer actually does the job, giving your lashes volume, darkening them and making your lashes standout. This is a mascara worth purchasing! The Catrice brand also have a variety of other mascara’s you can choose from if you not interested in this particular one.


Above is a picture of me without any makeup and next to it is a picture of what my lashes look like with the Catrice 3D Lash Multimizer mascara.

I love this mascara so much that I might just add it to the giveaway that will be appearing on my instagram  🙂 . So keep a close eye on my instagram page (click here), because something exciting is going to take place soon.

The Catrice 3D Lash Multimizer in Ultra Black is a must have!

Price: R84.00

Available: Dischem Nationwide & Red Square

Thank you for reading this post 🙂




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